Monday, December 27, 2010

Kiffmas in Sai Kung

I've spent the last 3 days in Sai Kung. Did a Christmas Eve with Zane's family a.k.a the Strouds. That was some tasty eats! Polished some wine/beer had a nice cold hang out on the roof. Was a short-ish night as to prepare for the Christmas day ahead. Christmas day was spent at the Star Crossed homestead. We did a bbq and had some drinks played some hacky sac, opened awesome gifts and hung out on the roof. After the day of too much fun we went down to a bar around the corner for some pool and white russians (the drink, not the tall communists). Had a good sleep then arose to boxing day at Zane and Paul's bachelor pad! In the evening a boxing day party commenced. Was a real fun time as well. Despite being tired we got to play some 'Cock band' aka Rock Band then did a podcast with all of the guests for Paul Chan's Movie Podcast. You can check that out here at ThisIsBatCountry. Was really dumb but alot of fun. Had a nice BBQ there as well. So the whole Christmas break was great full of BBQs, South Africans and Sai Kung roof tops/balconies.

The Christmas

Connect four (i lost every bloody time)
Heck Yes!
Decorate the cookie game where we yell out dumb stuff and you must draw it on...
two sets of twins

The Boxing Day

another BBQ
drinks and friends
best band ever!

The GIFTS!!!

From Rich!
From Ross!
And the Last 3 are from Paul.

Zane got me a Rad Moleskin watercolor sketchbook thing, Can't wait to use it!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Went to a Hardcore show on the weekend in Support of Rendezvous Records which has moved to a very distant location around Diamond Hill... Bummer, since it was such a good location before.

Anyhow it was a super cool place and a pretty good show. However, I am getting slightly tired of the posi-hardcore scene (or i'm just getting old, or maybe both). It's just the message they speak is a bit too 'inspired' for me. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against positivity. It's just I don't want to go to a heavy show to hear how 'united' we stand, I want to listen to heavy music as so I can party and listen to 'dirty words' etc. haha. you get the Idea....

having said that. Protoss (the first band) was awesome, very heavy and the sound was great!


Rich and Ross did a lil' moshing (and I mean a lil!)

The bands that played that night! It was on a live feed with RadioDaDa.

I don't know why my camera has all of these spots on the pictures, perhaps cause it's shit!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Star Wars Holiday Christmas Special.... a made for TV movie featuring the old gang, chewie's family and Bea Arthur!

dont know what happened to part 13

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas came early

10 days early to be exact. My household will be empty during the holidays and we decided to open gifts/have a feast tonight.... It was delicious and I got tons of cool shit!

The Food!
This is how we do Christmas at Danny the G(r)eek's palace

The gifts

And this cool thing!

Plus much more

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hong Kong bands throughout the ages

My buddy arthur has posted a slew of old hong kong bands I grew up either in or listening to...

here goes

Mugatu: Paul Lam (Hungry Ghosts), from 2004 and 2005 I think.

Stella: A jam session with like, six people at Paul's house. I guess it's post-rock.

Six Pack of Wolves:

Stagger with a Swagger (month one demo)

A Black Heart and a Broken Eye (months two and three)

The Mooches:

On the Rag (month one, two piece)

Demo #2 (A few months later, three piece lineup which played once)

Inappropriate Manner: Greg's (Priest Rogue) band from high school.

Firefly Conspiracy: Another one of his bands, this one with Danny Kostianos (Priest Rogue, Seven Seas)

Live Fast Die: First Demo

Outlying Islands: Joe Hastings (Live Fast Die, This is Ammunition)

Luke Chow: 2004 (?) Demos

thanks arthur!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


A girl from my work was leaving so we went out for karaoke/buffet/truckloads of crappy beer. Was tons of fun! It started out calm until more and more beer came, then all the gweilos grabbed all the mics and took over. Then shit got real!

the main male culprits.
the main female culprit and Jerry.

This all took place at Neway right across from the science museum in TST East.
A bit on the expensive side, but defo worth it.