Monday, June 6, 2011

Ring of Fire what you might have if you were at the party at my place yesterday...

Just in the midst of cleaning up from Mon's Chilli Con Carnivale. Quite a success.... We had fun, food, friends. We had games and gadgets. But most of all we had CHILLI!!!!

One of the games we had was guess how many Chilis...
Winner was Calvin
he won a box of Mon's next chocolates...

The loser was Josh Wong, his punishment - eating a spicy chilli.
There were some good costumes. Mon in her fabulous Carnival get-up, and Andrew in his 'mexican gardener outfit'.

The south africans got very colorful as a trio of Brazilian party-goers.

Bandito Zane-o

Next event was 'pin the drugs on the mexican'. was pretty good, Bessie was our big winner of that one. No prize unfortunately.

Pinata was the the last game. It took a very super long time to break the thing. I broke off the string a bunch, so it finally it became pinata baseball.

Rich broke this bad boy open...

The night then escalated into a visual/musical spectacular..

featuring mainly Rich and Ross...

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