Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flap your Hands

A few things to let you guys know about (if you don't already)...

Sounds by the Sea is happening this saturday at Stanley Plaza

starts at 230...

David Bowie Knives, Noughts and Exes and Corey Tam will lay down some phat beats and huge shapes... It's free and gonna be pretty fun. so you should all come down and check it!

Sunday 9 Maps and Jade and the Stagger Swallows will be playing. Be sure to try and do both days... This will be a showcase of some of HK's best live music AND it's freakin' free!!

Come December 10th and 11th it's....

Gonna be really good this year and also IT'S FREE!

I'm pretty excited, although I don't really know any of the international bands, still amped.

If you want to git yer free tickets, simply go to http://www.clockenflap.com/ and follow the link that says 'free tickets'.

See you all there!

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