Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baron Samedi and the James Blonde Party

My sis had a Birthday Party at the house last night and it was James Bond themed. I decided to go as the most obscure character from any of the films - Baron Samedi or better known as the voodoo villain from the movie Live and let Die. Was a fun costume to do. Here is a picture of the man and myself side by side.
Was a fun night, there were a few good efforts. Gold lady, M, Fatima Blush, and Money penny to name a few.

My camera died almost at the very start of the night so I don't have many pictures to post at the moment, but as soon as I nab them from the internet (once someone posts them) then I promise to post an updated version full of more photos.

Chinese New Year is soooooooon! YES!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You Fett your bottom dollar

Picked up a freaking awesome helmet from my good friends at Toys R Us!!!!
Sweet sound effects and a lame australian boba fett voice (correction, i'm told by Monica it's a kiwi voice)! anyways super duper excited about this!!!!!! I am running low on cash now due to this purchase, but it was worth it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yuto Miyazawa

Went to the Wanch on Friday to see Yuto Miyazawa and it was great! The Wanch was PACKED but still good, got right up front before it started as so I could see....

According to the Guinness Book of World Records Yuto is the Youngest Professional Guitar Player. He has played with Ozzy Osbourne and other cool dudes.

Recorded this video of him...


Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's the story Corey?

Corey Tam Band played the Wanch the other night, nothing new but its been some time since I've been to a show. Gotta say Zane has massively improved on the bass. He also told me that Poubelle International has asked him to play bass for them which is pretty rad! It's just a kind of rumor at the moment but those guys might be gig-ing around more soon.
New video from them - check it!

Anyways had a stamp card worth of drinks (possibly more) and discovered it was a bad choice for a Tuesday night! But all is not lost, Saw this girl Yan AKA Tyger Feb play again. Used to be in that once known band Hard Candy..... She is really good, great style and has super cute lyrics (mainly due to her chinglish) such as 'give me back my simpsons dvd collection, series one through ten'. ~ Pure awesome!
-Check out her stuff here at Tyger Feb

Monday night the star crossed boys and their wives swung by the house for some wii and cake action (it was Ross' birthday). That was a fun ol fashioned time!

Now I feel I may be getting sick, which super blows!

Friday, January 14, 2011

(LEG O)uch

lego is bomb, bigger than I thought, but I am not complaining!

Glossy pic, hard to see the hard work Ross put into it with the shading and all.

Ross and I found a shop in TST that had a Storm Trooper helmet....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Of Sam

This last week and a half I had a buddy (sam) visiting HK. It's been super busy. I was actually physically exhausted last night.

This was pretty much my new years, didn't want to do a big one but still needed to go out and party it up a lil'.
ended up just kickin' it at Xperience in Wan Chai.

This is the last of the Christmas 2010 gifts....
2 puzzles, made one last night
a pirate wine bottle holder.

Other than that, it's been busy at work, I've been watching the second season of Eastbound and Down...
and gonna get a little tattoo on friday with possible bowling on tues....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

getting l(inked)

Got me my first Zelda Shield the other day. It's pretty big, I'm pretty stoked!